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Grace within healing pets 

Your alternative to Pet wellness 

Closeup of a Black Dog

Pet Healing

Fluffy Pet

Pet and Owner Healing

Image by Jonas Vincent

Pet Grief Healing

Black and White Kitten

Pet Chakra Healing

Image by Matthew Hamilton

Energetic Cleansing of Pets and their Space


Personalized Pet Grief Drawing

To learn more about our Pet Hospice services, click here:

Grace Within Healing Pets is an alternative to pet wellness using reiki and energy healing to heal a pet's energy, reducing stress and anxiety. Pet healing, when used conjunctively with modern medicine, can give a pet a holistic approach to care—allowing for better symptom management and overall good health.

Our services are personalized and focus on the pets and owners specific needs and are done through long-distance reiki energy healing sessions via ZOOM or pre-recorded video sessions.​ What is long-distance Reiki? Long-distance Reiki is an effective form of Reiki using healing that provides healing that can be performed anytime or anywhere with a participant comfortable in their own time and space. Long-distance Reiki uses the concept of the entanglement theory, which states that energy transcends space and time and can be used in healing pets owners  and their animals. Even with the distance, energy can connect and communicate. 


Grace Within Healing also offers Pet Hospice services. Hospice-tality is a reiki service for ailing pets to help them in their final transitions. If interested in a personalized hospice healing for a pet please click Hospice-tality logo. 

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