Our energy work are long distance sessions on ZOOM where we focus on clearing your energy through reiki, energy healing and intuitive guidance. Each session is unique and can focus on your overall health or a a certain issue. We also can be flexible and  film our session separately and send it to you if our appointment times don't fit your schedule. This would need to be requested when purchasing a session.




In this hour and a half General Healing session, healing energy will be sent to clear all your chakras and to do an overall energy healing.  We will also talk with your inner child to see, if there are any areas of healing.  If you are interested in getting to know your inner child in depth, the inner child healing is recommended. 


Meet The Team


Morgan Laffert

Morgan Laffert is a healer, a mother, a Crystal Reiki Master, and Usui Reiki Practitioner. Morgan uses her healing gifts for her client's highest and greatest good to heal that needs to be healed. She loves communicating with the inner child and helping her clients reconnect with them. Morgan knows the benefit of healing during pregnancy and postpartum as she used these skills during her pregnancy. She is an Animal Reiki practitioner and has healed animals at a local shelter. She loves to communicate with animals and heal them.


Jamie Fuller

Jamie Fuller is a creative soul and healer looking to help the world one healing at a time. She is a USUI Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Yoga instructor, Death Doula, and Intuitive healer. She works with energy, crystals, and intuitive guidance to heal her clients, whether animals, people, or space. Jamie's healings are unique, with her using her art background in her healings to interpret aura and energetic fields. Her passion is working with the end of life and providing support at such a sacred time. She has completed Death Doula certification at the Elisabeth Kubler Ross Foundation in Mexico.

General Energy Healing with Morgan


The general energy healing with Jamie is an hour and a half healing, using reiki and other energy healing modalities, to heal that which needs to be healed at that time.  Morgan will send loving healing reiki energy, and depending if it is needed, connect with the Inner Child energy of the client.   

Pet Energy Healing


This 60 minute animal healing session is where we sends gentle reik energy to your pet.  We will communicate with your pet to see if there are any concerns.  There is no guarantee of communication as it all depends upon the pet (if they are interested in talking or not).  This session is done via distance on Zoom. 

Inner Child Healing


Have you ever wanted to talk with your inner child?  In this hour long session,  I communicate with your inner child and talk to you about their concerns and address any areas of healing. This session is conversational, although if needed for the inner child, healing energy may be sent.  

General Energy Healing with Jamie



The general energy healing with Jamie is 45-minute healing focused on using reiki and other energy healing modalities to focus on a specific issue or general healing. Reiki is a safe energy healing technique involving hand positions to clear energy blocks throughout the body. Other energy modalities involve using art and intuition to work with you on specific things that may be blocking you. During the healing, I ask questions and work with you to be your best self.   

Egyptian Reiki


This 45 minute session long distance reiki session focuses on channeling the energy of Sekhmet, the goddess of healing. 

End of Life Healing


This 45 minute session is long distance and focuses on healing and working through end of life transition. Involves reiki and other healing modalities to provide comfort and support.

Mentoring Services

We offer mentoring sessions with either Jamie or Morgan at $75 for an hour.  These mentoring sessions are catered to each individual.  We work with you and your spirit team to see what areas to focus on.  We teach understanding one's own energy and how to work with energy to heal.