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Our energy work are long distance sessions on ZOOM where we focus on clearing your energy through reiki, energy healing and intuitive guidance. Each session is unique and can focus on your overall health or a a certain issue. We also can be flexible and  film our session separately and send it to you if our appointment times don't fit your schedule. This would need to be requested when purchasing a session.



The Pregnancy energy healing is an hour session where we use reiki and other energy healing modalities to help work through emotions and symptoms. Healers connect with your energy to feel what is needed at the time. ​Reiki and energy healing are safe to use at any stage of pregnancy and can provide comfort to the mother and baby.



The Postpartum Reiki Healing is an hour long session to send gentle healing energies to Mom and Baby for their highest and greatest good.  This session is done via distance on Zoom.  Mom and baby do not need to be present.  Healing is done at the scheduled time and sent for mom's viewing convenience.  If you would like to be present for the healing, we can definitely do the session online together. 

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