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Calm Sea

Lately, I had been feeling off and I wasn’t sure what it was. There is a lot going on and Jamie really helped me really take the plunge into digging deeper into my spirituality. She helped me realize and open my eyes to see there is more to every feeling instead of “just feeling tired.” Why? How/ What can I do to help change and prevent this? Super sweet girl too! I won’t be scared to come back and ask her any questions I may have along the journey.



Dandelion Collage

I had a healing with this beautiful Earth Angel (Jamie). It’s more than just a healing! You get insights and guidance on your overall self. This beautiful soul puts you at ease & you feel you can ask about anything. If you ever thought of having a healing session & are unsure of like myself have anxiety.


This is your lady to go to,



Morgan is a gifted and very intuitive healer. I was blessed to have a healer healing session from her and was blown away by her intuition and the actual healing itself. I learned  a lot during one session and she gave me “tools” to use everyday to help with daily, ancestral and karmic struggles. Thank you Morgan. I will be booking another healing.


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